Denise Debartolo York


NewMe's Pies are a real treat , consistent and delicious.   Becky's  kitchen is warm and inviting, like being at grandma's.  We always love them.  I could eat a whole pie every day,  If I let myself !  I will definitely be down to visit again real soon.

Denise DeBartolo York  

Dawn Rabold Cramer


We ordered NewMe's pies for a wedding reception. They were delicious, appealing and beautifully displayed and our guest loved them.  Highly recommended!!!

Dawn Rabold Cramer

Dan and Marci Black

NewMe's Pies are a staple for all our holiday celebration.  They are terrific , especially the Mixed berry,Raspberry and pumpkin. Their chicken pot pies are outstanding, our friends and family beg me for them.  All pies are home made and taste fabulous.  You can't get better than these.
Dan and Marci Black

Pineapple pie


Wedding display of pies


Chicken Pot Pie



Doug Roth


"My name is Doug, I have enjoyed  your pies for the last couple of years through my periodic visits to the  Howland Market on Saturdays.  A month ago or so I tried your pineapple  pie with coconut almond topping and brought one back to my restaurant  for my employees to try, it was a huge hit (as was the cherry  pineapple).  I learned today that one of my cooks even tried to drive  out to New Waterford to buy one and got lost.  This speaks volumes since  we have well over 100 years of cooking experience in my kitchen.  Just  thought I would let you know how much some of the "pros"  love your  pies.   


Doug  Roth

Dutch Country Restaurant 

Fredda Work

Running low on time this past holiday season I was panicking about getting pies baked. I had recently heard about NewMe's  Pies and decided to give them a try...I was pleasantly surprised at how delicious these pies were! I love the idea that they are truly  "home made." They are available ready to eat or frozen, you can bake them when ready for a fresh pie.  Thank you Becky for making my life a little sweeter and easier.

Fredda Work

South Range Hair Studio